Lionsgate plans to add new film studio to metro Atlanta area

Lionsgate, the entertainment company known for blockbuster movies and TV shows like “The Hunger Games” and “Mad Men,” is investing $160 million in a new major production studio in metro Atlanta. This exciting development is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the area and solidify Atlanta’s position as a major hub for film and TV production.

The new facility, located in south Fulton County, will span over 100 acres and include multiple sound stages, a backlot, and ample office space to support production teams. Lionsgate’s investment is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs on site and over 3,000 indirect jobs as productions ramp up in the area.

Atlanta has been attracting major film and TV productions over the past decade, thanks in part to generous tax incentives for filmmakers. This has led to the creation of thriving local businesses and thousands of jobs, making the city a hotspot for creative talent.

Lionsgate’s investment in Atlanta is a testament to the city’s growing prominence in the entertainment industry. The new studio will allow the company to produce and distribute more content than ever before, and create new opportunities for local talent.

Overall, the investment from Lionsgate is a major win for Atlanta’s economy and the local film community. With the company’s reputation for producing high-quality entertainment, we can expect to see some exciting new projects come out of this facility in the years to come.

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