April 1, 2023
Chinese City

Chinese City Is Offering $2,900 To Couples To Boost Birth Rate

China, the world’s second-largest economy and one of the most populous countries, is attempting to encourage its citizens to have more children. Currently, China is facing a demographic crisis, with its population declining for the first time in 60 years. They believe that an aging population will have profound impacts for China’s economy, labor force, and healthcare system. The first to pitch the populated proposal is the Chinese city, Hangzhou. As a result, they’re offering couples $2,900 (20,000 yuan) as a one-time subsidy to have a third child. 

According to the local media outlet Zhejiang Daily, the government of Hangzhou, a tech hub in east China and home to e-commerce giant Alibaba, will also be rewarding parents who already have children. Those who have a second child will receive approximately $720 citing a policy passed at a local government congress on Wednesday. 

Other cities are also trying to help boost the birth rate by providing newlyweds with nearly 30 days of paid marriage leave. According to local government notices issued on February15, Wenzhou, a city in southeast China, plans to offer would-be parents up to more than $400 (3,000 yuan) in subsidies per child. Meanwhile, the northeastern city of Shenyang is providing subsidies of up to $72 per month until a child reaches the age of three. 

Related reports also allege Chinese provinces, including Shanghai and major coal producer Shanxi, are increasing the number of paid marriage leave days — or time off granted to couples to get married — to up to 30 days. As of now, employees in China are typically entitled to three days of paid marriage leave. 

Furthermore, China is not the only country using cash incentives to boost flagging birth rates. Similar programs exist in Singapore, South Korea, and Japan as well. However, China’s path to population growth is not so simple. Many Chinese millennials are not marrying for a variety of reasons, including cost and personal preference, according to Insider’s Matthew Loh in April 2022. 

Also, in case you didn’t know, having children outside of marriage is culturally unacceptable in China. Stay tuned here for all updates here at All Dat Noise!

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