Emily Ryan Arrives With Her Debut

Making All Dat Noise at the top of the year is none other than aspiring artist, Emily Ryan! This thriving talent has a quality that is both aspirational and relatable. That being said, Emily creates music that moves people. Emily Ryan knows how to connect with her fans, whether it’s about tense relationships, confidence, growing up, or bringing uptempo vibes!

Her vocal performance and musical presence command an audience’s attention and capture their hearts and ears! As the new year begins, the trailblazing artist is popping bottles as she makes her mark with her critically acclaimed release, Emily’s Party! In fact, the highly anticipated album arrived January 13th, 2023! Weaving through a hybrid of genres, from Pop and Rock with blended Blues elements, paired with earworm songwriting, Emily Ryan has a distinct style that’s been developing for decades. Emily also manages to combine the familiar with fresh storytelling and perspectives. When reflecting of the motivation behind her music and what she hopes to do with her music, Emily goes on to say: 

“That I really care about making music that you can all relate to. I want everyone to have a good time listening to my records or at least feel good listening to my records. The world is stressful and sad enough music should be a good outlet to escape from that, or to at least feel something and that’s the environment I would love to provide”. 

Ready to take the music world by storm, Emily Ryan set the tone with Emily’s Party! She makes music that is unquestionably addictive, and when you listen to it as frequently as we have, you can’t help but notice how pleasant it is. Emily Ryan’s vocally textured, cheery yet melancholy pop style appeals to a wide ranged audience. Overall, she is striving to stardom and we love to witness the rise! Press play here on her most recent release. Lastly, let us know what you think!

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