New Music: Noelle Kay – Unbreakable

Bronx singer and songwriter Noelle Kay, shares hew new song titled, “Unbreakable.”  This is a love song that tells a story of finding unconditional love for the first time. A lot of people; friends and family, even partners love under condition and portray that as unconditional love. When you finally meet someone that knows how to love you for you and unconditionally, you start to feel like it’s your birthday everyday.

In this record she opens up about the feeling she experienced when she first fell in love. An unbreakable bond suggests strength, durability, and a unyielding power. A special connection between two people often turns into an unbreakable bond that remains firm no matter what. This song is one we all can relate to. This track has a soothing summer vibe to it. The beat and the authentic lyrics definitely create that vibe that we have been missing this summer. Noelle explains the inspiration and creative process behind it: 

 “This song went through hula hoops. I started this song almost 3 years ago now. The pandemic hit and I transitioned to a new studio. My engineer was like we need to do this over like now and we did. I learned so much with this song. How to really stack and layer. My engineer works with one of my favorite singers if not my favorite and I’m blessed that I can grab so much inspiration from the energy he brings to the table and also the sound that I wanted to create for #teamnoellekay with this song. The hook gives It away. I sing it all over the song but really it’s the meaning. Finding love that is unbreakable is something to just stamp the journal with. It’s rare. I wanted people to dance. I wanted to give people a reason to basque in unconditional love. I wanted people to sing the song to each other making fun filled skits to my voice parts in the beginning and middle of the song. It was limitless what I wanted people to feel from this record. I want my listeners to know that unbreakable love is out there. Sometimes you find that within yourself first so you can give that to others and sometimes you will find someone or something that will give you unconditional love that will teach you all you need to know. I’ve experienced both and sure others can relate to either and have a dance or two while they connect.”

Check out Noelle Kay’s “Unbreakable” and stay tuned for the visual next month!

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