March 27, 2023

Shervon Brings All Dat Noise With ‘Nothing But Something’

Brooklyn-bred singer-songwriter Shervon is here to remind you that R&B is NOT dead! With the recent viral clip of Diddy stating that the current state of R&B is dead, many raving R&B artists have stepped up to shine and speak on these false accusations! With that being said, R&B’s raging songstress Shervon says R&B is still very much alive and is ready to show you how. 

Shervon developed an interest in various genres of music while growing up in the church and singing in the choir. Her interests peaked most for R&B, Pop, and HipHop sounds. Crediting artists such as Beyoncé , Monica, and KeyshiaCole as her inspirations , Shervon began to explore the art of Pop and R&B. She credits artists such as Miley Cyrus, Demi lovato, and Chris brown to name a few favorites. 

Spiritually aligned, Shervon believes her Sagittarius optimistic energy and passion will help guide her to the top! Throughout her trailblazing career, she continues to develop her own sound based on her many vocal ranges! 

Expect to see Shervon’s vision in all of her work, including styling, video visuals, and marketing ideas, due to her love of fashion and art. Keeping up the momentum, Shervon is ready to take over the industry with her new 2022 album, Nothing But Something. Press play here on the astounding album made up of 9 sizzling singles. Lastly, let us know what you think here at All Dat Noise

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