October 5, 2022

 New Music: Arp Live- Your Eyes

Arp Live or otherwise known as DJ Skeem is an up and coming dancehall artist originally from  the great island of Trinidad and Tobago but now resides in the littest borough of New York, Brooklyn! Although he has always been surrounded by music he didn’t decide to start making music of his own until 2020. With the inspiration coming from his uncle’s jamming in the  basement and the passing of his grandmother DJ Skeem got motivation to pursue music. With the  momentum still high Arp released his new summer hit “Your Eyes” a song to bring that island  vibe to your next party. “Your Eyes” has a sensual feel to it that puts you right in the mood to  dance with a partner or for the ladies a nice little vibe for a girls night out. Arp is bringing back  that sensual side of dancehall and mixing it with R & B. This is a song that will be stuck in your head all summer!  



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