Get To Know Uptown Bronx Artist, M.U.L.A

M.U.L.A pronounced (Mooh-Lah) is an emerging artist from Uptown Bronx, NY. M.U.L.A grew up in a house full of life with his mother, grandparents and siblings. He is not shy to show the love and compassion that was shown throughout his life. These are the people who have made him the man he is today. With his grandmother being a teacher for thirty two years and his grandfather a Marine Veteran, he is no stranger to discipline. He graduated Cum Laude from SUNY Fredonia majoring in Biology with a Chemistry minor. His ultimate goal was to become a cancer specialist. As his path in life changed, those same childhood influences are what pushed him into pursuing music. M.U.L.A’s grandfather had a collection of classic records that he would sneak into with curiosity. This love and infatuation he has with music has always been there. His musical influences come from an array of genres. From Reggae to R&B and even Rock ‘n’ Roll, M.U.L.A has heard it all. Taking inspiration from icons like Jay-Z, Biggie, Dru Hill, Good Charlotte and more. One thing you can say about M.U.L.A is that he has good taste. From growing up writing poetry to starting a fake rap beef with his friends for fun, he knew he was born to be an artist. While in College, he released his first project titled “Blank Check” in 2013; which sparked his momentum as he began to perform at college events allowing his name to make its circulation around the campus. Today, M.U.L.A is working on new music following his first album release in January 2022 titled “Even If They Never Love Me”; which was accompanied by a music video, which he directed himself, for the “Intro” of the album.

If you’re looking for someone who knows all genres, directs their own music videos, and is always hands on in their productions, you have to check out M.U.L.A

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