March 24, 2023

Super Throwed Dave Releases New Visual, “Wap Wap”

Super Throwed Dave is an upcoming independent artist hailing from the East Side of Milwaukee, WI. At an early age he witnessed a luxurious lifestyle that inspired him to want more. Growing up he didn’t label himself as a rapper, but as you can see he has found his way into the rap world. With people like Lil Wayne being a main source of inspiration for him, he began to take his craft more serious. Heavily influenced by Future, Wiz Khalifa and Drake. Dave Throwed describes his unique process:

“It’s funny because I don’t write I just punch in off the top of my head I rap off a vibe and I catch the sound before I kno what I’m a say. Wap Wap was never really a twerk song to me but I knew it was going to be big as soon as I took the headphones off. The song created a life of its own with the dance and the twerk vibe. That song had me getting booked for paid shows in my city and my energy is unmatched because I’m not acting I’m just being me. The song took off on social media and in the clubs. I decided it was time to really invest and make this a career. So thats what I did a I loved the music so much it was easy choice to let everything else and go all in.”

Dave’s overall idea of this brand is to stay substantial and authentic to himself. After Super Throwed Entertainment was established one of his main goal’s was to remain true to the brand by living a carefree authentic lifestyle filled with fun and love. In the visual, he links up with his friends as women rapping about how he’s bigger, prettier and dripping compared to these other rappers.

You can watch Wap Wap here and let us know what you think!

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