After having the number one hit single ‘Gyalis’ Allepac the Family is excited to announce the official music video ‘Sas Crise’ featuring Alayzha Sky  and Ghost. The single was released in 2021, from multi talented R&BOP singer, songwriter, producer and engineer Capella Grey

‘Sas Crise’ follows the success of Capella’s double platinum single, “Gyalis”. Gyalis garnered recognition for its production, ingenuity, writing, vocals and future music video. Gyalis was released as an R&B freestyle that experimented and mastered sounds which brought excitement across the country but mainly from New York City. Capella’s love for music began in church, he played the organ, drums and more; he then visited producing and everything behind the scenes before blessing the world with his voice.

Sas crise is expected to be the single that brings back the essence of what New York City sounds like. The single poses so many questions for listeners. One being, have you ever been blocked because of a breakup but then you notice a fake page in your views? 

“No matter what she say this gyal can’t leave me, she block mi number then she stalk mi like a bloodclaat fiend.”

If you relate then this is the song for you. Sas Crise taps into Greys Jamaican roots, and the video depicts just that! One thing we haven’t seen in a while is authentic videos that look and feel as if you were apart of it. Capella Grey brought out more talented dancers from New York City, beautiful women and of course some legends were in the building. Grey manages to keep not only listeners but the industry anticipating his creativity through sound and wordplay. 

Writing credits to: Dominique Vaultz

Watch “SAS CRISE” Here!

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