Ascending Super Star Producer Backpack Ben Shines Not Only In Music But With Bumbu Rum Feature

Your favorite produce-it-all wunderkind by the name of Backpack Ben has made a name for himself while working on his ‘Dropout’ project, featuring emerging artists such as Lil Chris, Big Trip, Chris Patrick, Bry Greatah, Jake James, Jesus Honcho, Jvsun, and Zach Siegz. His aptitude for finding and refining the skills of Billboard-recognized talent has made Ben a force among producers who can steal the show behind and in front of the boards. 

Most recently, Ben was featured in a photoshoot with Bumbu Rum, a premium Caribbean spirit owned by Sovereign Brands, creators of Luc Belaire, McQueen and the Violet Fog Gin, and Villon. In building his brand, Backpack Ben hopes to encourage creatives to showcase their immense talents though diverse and unique mediums. Music is not just an art, but a lifestyle, and he wants his creative community to embrace that. 

By donning more of a celebrity image in front of the camera, Ben effortlessly captures the image of prestige that Bumbu Rum holds worldwide. With a photoshoot coming out from the depths of his ever-growing Backpack, Ben continues to transform into an overall musical mogul, and his photos with Bumbu might give you a preview of things to come!

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