Ovi Jozi Releases New Visual, “Ghost”

Newburgh artist, Ovi Jozi releases the visual to his most recent single, “Ghost.” Ovi is known to make music that encourages you to get in your bag. His lyrics motivate you to be positive and have confidence. You can feel and hear his confidence throughout this track. 

“I am the biggest, I am the goat” 

In the opening scene, he stares directly into the camera as he reminds us of who he really is. As he and the crew turn up you can easily catch the vibes. He briefly tells us the inspiration behind it all: 

“I got inspired to write this song from watching power and seeing the type of high-end lifestyle I want to live. To be up top but being too far to be touched. I got the title while writing the song. The beat is a dark drill beat. While I was writing it and heard it after it was recorded I said to myself I can hear it being on T.V on the show Power for sure. Once I got the beat sent to me I went to the studio and started writing there. Once I got the hook down then the verse came naturally. I would say my sound is like no other. I rap about things that are positive and I also bring light to the type of childhood I had and being from the city I grew up in. When I make music I want my supporters to feel good. Knowing that you can go after whatever life you dream of living. Not being scared to say or do anything. The first time I heard the track I knew it was a good track. The way I was flowing on the track and hearing the feedback on it when I was in the studio let me know that I have to drop this. My upbringing has had a major influence on me because it gives me stories to rap about. Gave me the motive to make it out. Seeing some of my friends pass away from being outside trying to make a living motivated me to hustle my way out and live their dreams through me.”

Watch “Ghost” here!

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