New EP: RUD3 – Domination In Motion

New Jersey native, RUD3, CEO and Founder of Rud3 Musiq Group (RMG) releases his highly anticipated EP, Domination In Motion. A four track, eleven minute tape that is straight to the point. Each record creates a different vibe followed up with an inspiring message. The first track, “Cigar Talk” encourages us to live in our truth regardless of anything. He starts with meaningful lyrics over this soulful beat, “I can never lie, ima live my truth/ put the gas down I hopped in the booth.”  

Coming from humble beginnings that motivated RUD3 to excel and chase his dreams. Growing up he was influenced by different genres of music such as, jazz, blues, rock and roll and R & B. As a teen he would write stories and poems as a way to express himself, which made him passionate about the art of music. 

This tape openly displays how diverse and relatable he can be. He openly tells us about the inspiration and creative process behind it: 

“My inspiration was more therapeutic. I created this EP to release self doubt, hesitation, fear and embrace what I have known all along. It was my way of letting go and taking control of my own life as a creative. I feel I have placed this part of my life on the back burner one too many times. “Domination In Motion taking over life” my own life. Finally walking in my truth with no regards. Creative process allowed me to be myself. It was fun writing the lyrics and searching for the right  producers and instrumentals. The entire process was liberating seeing these scrambled ideas in my head start to come together and make sense. Lyricism with a vibe. Although I use my music to convey messages and speak on life lessons with attention to detail in words, It can still be enjoyed in various settings i.e club , cookout, etc. Allowing listeners who may not care about the actual lyrics but the enjoyment of the song. I want listeners to feel empowered. Something they may be holding onto or holding them back to let it go. Live your truth no matter what. Vibe but gain something from the listen as well. I felt slightly accomplished because I had completed what I sought out to do. Then immediately I felt fueled. I needed to record more and  put more music out. The pressure is now on to get this sound to the masses. My upbringing of facing so many adversities is what fuels me. Coming from humble beginnings gives you an edge. You have experienced tough times and gotten through them. I use my music to express those experiences , never forgetting where I came from.”


  1. Cigar Talk
  2. Used Too
  3. Gone
  4. Zdc

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