Noah Ashton Brings All Dat Noise In New Single

Here to bring All Dat Noise all 2022 is rising rhymer Noah Ashton. Hailing from Hoboken, New Jersey, the multifaceted musician is already setting the tone for the new year! He returns with a slappin’ new single, “Do What I Do” and trendy track is embedded with compelling lyrics. Exemplifying how well the talented rapper articulates his life and thoughts into his music. He prescribes the new wave of hard-hitting hip-hop music, as evidenced by his extensive discography. Which includes some of his most recent hits like, “Inna Bricks” and “No Way.” Now, Noah has added his most recent release “Do What I Do” to round out his discography. 

On the record, Noah comes across with a solid, fearless, but rather playful attitude. In addition to the lethal lyricism packed in, Ashton tapped trailblazing talent for the earth-shattering production. Noah enlists Grammy Award-winning record producer and songwriter “DVLP” in collaboration with LUYO, a pioneer in the Latin Trap Movement.

“Do What I Do” Musical Breakdown

When pressing play on the new single, explains the backstabbing behavior of many people we call friends. Despite the fact that they are opportunists by nature. Unfortunately many times, people will crawl to you for help when they are in need, but when the tables are turned — you have no one to turn to but yourself. The record reflects many situations we all as fans can relate to. The rapper has had his own share of experiences like this, given the fact that some of his existing network clearly knows how capable he is of accomplishing it all on his own.

Noah Ashton Drops Off Visuals

Additionally, Noah drops off the official music video…really bringing the audio to life. The visual was shot and directed by renown DMV videographer, Sonny Pandher, aka LIFEINADSLR. The captivating content will have you playing it back! 

Unrivaled in style with a voice of a generation, Ashton is not letting up. In fact, this hot new hit gives an inside look into what’s to come in 2022 from the striving star! Stay tuned here for more news, music, and updates. Lastly, press play on the smash single and its musical clip and let us know what you think! 


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