March 27, 2023

Kristen Mason and Zenletics Global Are ATL’s Latest Noisemakers

Atlanta’s latest Noisemaker, Kristen Mason of Zenletics Global is here to remind you to “Love Your Health” first in 2022! As we kick off the new year, Kristen is here to get you right mentally, physically and emotionally. We know all about celebrity stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers, but what about celebrity massage therapists, personal trainers, and nutritionists? 

Kristen Mason & Zenletics Global Are Here For You

Allow me to introduce to you Atlanta’s very own trailblazing, nationally certified and licensed celebrity massage therapist Kristen Mason of Zenletics Global. Since 2016, Kristen and Zenletics Global have been mobile and bringing care and serenity to your front door. With 15 years of experience, a means to support her schooling quickly turned into a passionate career. 

Although the birth of Zenletics was six years ago, Mason has been working with celebrities and athletes for eight years and counting. Since the launch of her mobile company, Kristen has been providing high-end service for clients of all ages. As a result of high-end service, Zenletics Global has received great feedback and has garnered a large and consistent clientele made up of professional athletes and celebrities. In 2021, a number of clients such as: Tyron Woodley, Waka Flaka, Big Boi, Rebel Wilson, Alex Hardcastle, Raz B, Daniel Jacobs, William Moore, Brian Dorsey, and Eddie Drummond are just a few to recommend Kristen Mason and Zenletics. Now that the new year rolled around, it’s time to hop back into the groove of a healthy lifestyle! 


At the start of the month, she unveiled her latest Love Your Health – A New Year Celebration For Bodies Only campaign for clients of all calibers. Her fresh new services and package includes $30 off any massage when mentioning the “Love Your Health” campaign. Additionally if pleased, following your session you can choose to participate in a complimentary 30-minute training and nutrition consultation or you a free 15-minute meditation session. Overall, the goal is to get people to think about their health in terms of personal empowerment. Enabling customers to ask themselves, “What can I do to help myself?” What is it that my body deserves?

Clients alike seek out massage therapists, trainers and more to not only relieve tension, but also to keep their bodies operating at peak performance. Health is wealth and this opportunity is more than just a luxury for the rich and famous. It has a number of health benefits for anyone. From improving sleep to boosting mood. In fact, she has advice on how to get the most out of receiving regular sessions. In addition she provides a platform called “PJs & Massage”. During the show, Mason holds interviews and classes to inform followers on how to do a self massage. Don’t believe me?

Lock in today with Kristen Mason of Zenletics to get your health back on track! Stay tuned here for more news, services and opportunities from Kristen Mason and the Zenletics team! For now, take a look here at All Dat Noise for the brand new campaign and book today! 


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