March 27, 2023

Video: Yung Lurks – Way Back Then

Sometimes nostalgia gets the best of us, and Philadelphia upstart Yung Lurks speaks to that with the new video for his song “Way Back Then.” The track perfectly captures the bittersweet feeling of missing the antics of a past relationship while still acknowledging that it was toxic. Yung Lurks’ artistry is on point – the video looks like it was filmed on your dad’s old camcorder, and the colorful neon editing gives it a distinct 90s vibe. That combined with the single’s electronic, new-age sound elevates the clips of Yung Lurks and his friends to a new level. What we are seeing as viewers is the “back then” that he raps about, placing his audience directly in his shoes in a way that only the best of the best can.


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