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Kiah NYC was born and raised in the Uptown area of the Bronx, Edenwald to be exact. Growing up he watched both his parents work hard to give him the best life and education possible. As a teen, he would sometimes write lyrics to beats to express himself. He often utilized music as an outlet to share his thoughts and feelings. His unique sound is described to be a mix of New York Hip Hop concentrated with bars and melodies. His brand is viewed as the missing link between the streets and the books. After gaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, this talented Bronx emcee knew he could use music to relate to his supporters and innovate the culture in a unique and positive way. His humble but cocky swag is respected and appreciated.

He recently shared the visual to his current single, “No Suits.” In the opening scene he walks down the streets of New York City, telling his enticing story. Kiah’s music is known to motivate his supporters in many ways. He uses music as a tool to relate to people from similar walks of life like himself and to push people to never give up regardless of your circumstances.

The inspiration behind this record was a combination of many things such as his frustration of feeling overlooked, his ambition to showcase his true talent and creativity. He briefly tells us his exact thoughts:

” I was angry because I felt like I was being overlooked. While I am here for the journey, it seemed that things I presumed were on my level were placed out of reach of me and I took it personal. I was reaching out to people who I know I can get next to and I was being ignored. I can take a trillion No’s, but ignoring me is my pet peeve. There’s a bar that goes ” I’ve been cutting some many ties probably never wear a suit again.” It stems from that line, having to separate myself from people. In the higher thinking of it, people tend to wear suits when it’s time for business. I’m saying no suit because it always time for business. Every interaction you have is a negotiation of worth. Have to always be on top of your game.  My sound is one the resides in the birthplace of modern day hip hop. Occasionally it takes trips to display the uptown lifestyle and the southern roots. Humbly cocky. The sound that resonates like a light pole. I stand out and shine when the time is right. Sometimes I’m the biggest and brightest thing in the room. Sometimes I’m no where close to the biggest and my light is greatly out shined by the accomplishments of others. I will remain in my spot and do my thing when the time presents itself. I want everyone to fix up their face like something stink only on one side of the room, NY subway gritty. They will feel like the Bronx does more than drill. When I first heard the song I felt liberated from my feelings. I got a lot off my chest. I’m typically a person that lets the fire burn for a while before others feel the heat. One of the reasons I love making music. I can have the uncomfortable discussions with a beat and not have to worry about sparring anyone’s feelings. I wanted something with some soul to it. I’m typically hands off when a producer is creating. I give them the mood I’m in and let them go crazy. Working interdependent with one another leads to better chemistry, making better music. I don’t need to hear anything specific. A sample has to talk to me right away. If it doesn’t than I feel like it’s not meant for me. I typically find something about every sample to enjoy though. I love samples that use vocals. The voice as an instrument adds the perfect layer of confidence to a beat.” 

Watch “No Suits” here and tell us what you think!

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