Krizz Kaliko and T-Pain Team Up For “BB”

Kansas City’s Krizz Kaliko, rapper, singer, and songwriter, was a longtime member of the Strange Music family with the label’s founder, Tech N9ne. He recently signed on to work with Ear House Music.

Krizz Kaliko extends an indelible thread, an encompassing empathy that lifts his listeners as it befriends and comforts them with the certainty that they are not alone.

T-Pain hops on Krizz Kaliko’s latest single, “BB,” a new catchy birthday anthem paired with a dance called “the BB slide,” perfect for all the hot girl holiday birthdays ahead of us. This record is nostalgic and combines two talented musicians to create a classic hit. Everyone loves something they can dance to.

The music video is fun and engaging. Krizz Kaliko and T-Pain are filmed recruiting dancers for their “BB” video and pranking the recruits by smashing cake in their face after they learn to do them, ‘BB Slide.’ Filled with laughs and fat ass, this song is a classic and will be played for the birthday girls in the VIP section.

“Bitch, it’s your birthday; let me show you how to do it on your birthday /

Aye, it’s your birthday none of these bitches can see you on your worst day.”

Pretty sure that will be the birthday caption for the next few years.

Watch Krizz Kaliko & T-Pain’s “BB”

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