March 22, 2023

Matthew Moreno Taps All Hail and Xero For New Release

New Jersey rising rhymer, Matthew Moreno is bringing all the noise with his latest offering. At the top of the month, the Essex County artist collaborated with Xero and All Hail on the release of Re-Align – EP. To no surprise, the brand new project provides the remedy to the realms of rap, hip-hop, and even elements of R&B. For a short period time, Matthew took his talents and artistry down south to Florida. Since returning to the Garden State, he seeks to reawaken the roots of rap for today’s generation and generations to come. 

Already, Matthew is leaving his distinct imprint on the industry. In doing so he unleashes a vibe similar to a more outspoken and disrespectful version of the Fugees. He effortlessly fuses together boom bap with the classic aggression displayed from hard-hitting East Coast spitters. The foundation of his flow is made up of punchlines, melodic metaphors, and witty wordplay. Moreno utilizes his talents to bring back the “Dirty Jersey” vibe to the hip-hop scene. But, that is not his only reason for rhyming. In fact, his music addresses issues such as racial injustice, police corruption, self-discovery, humility, and spirituality.

Matthew Moreno Shot By Pier Portraits

Matthew Moreno Is A Lyrical Limelight

Overall, this lyrical lyricist understands his fanbase. He knows how to touch their hearts and ears through his rhymes. When he records, his mission is to provide insight and raise awareness on positive subjects. Matthew is unmistakably a breath of fresh air in an industry that has been lacking for the past decade.

The NJ -bred recently released his most recent project titled, Re-AlignEP. Courtesy Of Matthew Moreno, All Hail, and Xero, the 4-track project is compiled with raw, soothing sounds. From the opening hypnotizing hit “Change” to “Bounce Back” and “July” before wrapping with the melodic moods of “New Chapter”. Overall, from start to finish this is a no-skip necessary work of art. Tapping into every mood and emerging into a new lane. 

Matthew Moreno Shot By Pier Portraits

Re-Align Is Bringing All Dat Noise!

Don’t believe me? Go follow Matthew Moreno on your preferred DSP and let us know what you think. Also keep it locked here at All Dat Noise for more music and news on this rising rhymer. For now, stream his most recent release Re-Align-EP and comment below.

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