December 9, 2021

Cheek the Profit Clocks In On The “Nightshift”

New Jersey’s newest lyrical genius, Cheek the Profit unveils his trendy track titled, “Nightshift”. His latest offering is powered by his gritty message to put in the work. Just like his previous releases, here’s another banger that’ll land him in the conversation of the hottest artists stepping out of the Garden State.

Following the cyclone of good fortune and amassed support surrounding the release of his debut LP, The Profit Strikes Back, this new single puts him back in the spotlight. Back in May he dropped off his debut project, and since has garnered over 95K streams and counting. Now he returns with this most recent release to push the envelope even further and set the bar even higher. 

Cheek The Profit Is Turned Up On The Night Shift

The Renaissance Music Records signee presents “Nightshift” which serves as a catchy story about his desire to labor beyond the norm. In order to achieve his goals and future success. “Nightshift” is the ideal anthem for hardworking individuals whose dreams are bigger than their current situation. For those who understand that the set back is only preparing for a better comeback. 

Cheek taps long-time collaborator for the hot new hit! His Sauron-produced record lends hard-driving beats paired with a pleasant melody to complement his message. 

He showcases his diverse wordplay over the hypnotizing tempo. Also, he expresses his understanding of where he’s at in life and that it is indeed temporary because “It’s His Last Night Here”.  It’s a case of admiration colliding with goals, resulting in a rallying cry for hip hop enthusiasts and dreamers alike.

Cheek The Profit is a name that the hip-hop world should get familiar with. Backed by an elite team at Renaissance and a tireless ambition for success, this New Jersey rhymer is keeping his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck!

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