Tai Kolbain Releases New Tape, “Thru The Pain”

Fort Greene, Brooklyn is home to vocalist, producer, and songwriter, Tai.Kolbain, an R&B artist creating his life in the music industry since he was six years old. Tai.Kobain is inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and The-Dream. Music comes naturally to Tai.Kolbain because most of family on both sides have had professional industry careers, it is no wonder his success comes so naturally.

He released his first project in 2010 and then released his most recent tape, EP Thru The Pain in June 2021. This EP was created through his record label Le Roi Recordings LLC. His project filled with passion, honesty, and vulnerability allowed for his first visual to rack up over seventeen thousand views. Tai.Kolbain uses music to express himself and deliver his story through songwriter and production. He utilizes his talent to tell enticing stories about his life.

“Control” is a sexy, sultry song about Tai taking control in the bedroom. No matter who the girl of the night is, dealing with, old boos or new boos, he is in control now. This single by Tai.Kolbain is perfect for a night of pleasure and passion. Tai.Kolbain creates music that sets the mood for where you are going after the club.

Listen here!


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