LEGENDZ LIVE FOREVER – Father’s Day Basketball Tournament Presented By StarMade Family & Friends

StarMade Day makes a reputation for himself in the Bronx, New York, which is recognized as the Hip Hop capital of the world. He became interested in music at a young age and began to create music.  His greatest achievements thus far include collaborations with artists such as Fred the Godson, Cory Gunz, Criss Streetz, Fat Joe and more. After receiving many spins on some of the biggest stations in the tri-state and being featured on publications like; Elevator Magazine, Respect Magazine, and KAZI Magazine, Day decided to take it up a notch and give back to the community. 


The inspiration behind Day’s most anticipated tape “Legendz Live Forever” is the loss of the monumental people in his life. Along with his new found legacy. Finding happiness in a dark place motivated him to channel his emotions into music. After losing his uncle in 2018, he used this new chapter to create a new opportunity and chapter in his life. His project was inspired by the loss of the monumental people in his life. 

Fred The Godson was the first artist to give Day a free feature. He recognized his talent and ambition at an early age. They met Years ago at the studio in the Bronx, the two met. In fact, having mutual friends only made their bond tighter. Fred was like a big brother to him. He often encouraged him to keep writing and Day looked up to him as a mentor. After putting him on Fred’s mixtape “Gordo” it only pushed Day to go harder. 


With his enticing and insightful perspective you can hear the inspiration in each bar. Having meaningful lyrics and relatable messages, he blends in elements of soulful beats and many classical opera samples, mixed in with real life experiences and struggles. His distinctive ingenious process creates timeless and authentic music.

Above all, the song is not only a tribute to Fred but a moment in time. A moment he will never forget and one that we will always be grateful for. Additionally, Rest In Peace to the legendary, Fred The Godson. This event is not only to celebrate and remember fallen legends, but also a sneak peek into his highly anticipated project. 


On Sunday June 20, 2021, The M.A.D.E family will be hosting their first annual Legendz Live Forever Father’s Day Tournament at Sedgwick Park in Bronx, NY. At the event, there will be food, drinks, and entertainment. For the main event, there will be a basketball tournament. As a result, 50% of the events proceeds will be donated to The Children’s Rescue Fund.

Also, the M.A.D.E family is accepting donations and sponsorships for the event this year. You can also choose to help get materials like team jerseys, tables, chairs, prizes, and gifts. Overall, the goal for this event is to bring the community together and provide entertainment and resources for those in need of necessities or just a good time. This event is in honor of some of the legends in his community that we lost. Day wants to use his platform as an innovative tool to create positivity and opportunity in the minority communities. Equally important, the event is to build a foundation and create a legacy for the younger generation to be inspired by. 

In conclusion, the M.A.D.E family thanks you so much for your time and support! For more information on how you can participate please email madeonlyus@gmail.com.

Time: 1pm-7pm

Location: Sedgwick Playground – University Ave, Bronx, NY 10453

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