March 24, 2023

New Music: Doley Bernays- “Meant To Put A Hook”

Doley Bernays continues to set the bar higher and higher each time he makes another timeless record.
Rhyming with seething intensity and rich attention to detail, Doley Bernays continuously delivers substantial music.

He now releases his newest record, Meant To Put A Hook,” where the hook is about the record not having an actual “hook.” With such a dope concept and enticing lyrics Bernay’s walked all over this track.

A hook is normally a short melodic phase used to catch your ear and make a record engaging. Bernay’s create a new lane by rapping about why he did not put a hook. Many artists normally focus on getting the “perfect” hook but this Bronx bred, did the complete opposite and bodied the entire track. With his creative style of making ageless music Doley Bernays is an innovative tastemaker with a keen ear for good music.

Meant to put a hook but I’m tellin you what the truth do
Meant to put a hook with some catchy sht/ man F** that
Meant to put a hook bout some money shit btches love that/ Meant to put a hook bout some killa sht where
my gun at”

As always his smooth flow allows us to trust his lyrics. He openly embraces how impactful his music is to his audience. He knows his supporters rely on his music for many reasons. So he confidently delivers each time.

“I talk that talk and they trust that”

Known to many for his therapeutic and authentic songs, Doley Bernays shows how he talented he is.

He raps about how his life experiences have made him numb and why he utilizes music to as an outlet to express pain and joy.

“I done fell numb to everything, I don’t feel much—
Ya not killin us/ give a f*** about who not feelin us”

The tracks also talks how to cut ties with people we love and to tighten your circle, Doley drops massive gems in each verse.

Always pushing the envelope and raising the bar, his dominating voice over the harmonic beat creates that timeless vibe. The cadence compliments the rhythm and flow all at once.

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Stream/Download “Meant To Put A Hook” here:

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