Brisco Bash AKA Vito Releases New Video, “Took A Risk”

 Brisco Bash aka Vito shares the visual for, “Took A Risk,”  directed by Fifty Karats and produced by Nino. In the opening scene, he looks directly into the camera and lets us know how much of a trendsetter he truly is. This Bronx rapper has a unique cool vibe that you can feel and see throughout the video.

He makes chill and energetic songs that you can enjoy. Vito tells us about the inspiration behind it all:

“What inspired this song was just people counting me out not believing in what I had going on. Which showed me you can’t sit back waiting on people or for stuff to happen you gotta go out take a risk or to real self & manifest what you want. I went back listened to my first record count it up and played it over and over. Then I was like alright I gotta go with this kind of flow again . So I hit my producer who made Count It up For me and told him send me something similar to our last record. He sent me three beats that night and one out of the three became Took A Risk.”

With almost 200,000 views on YouTube, Vito openly shows exactly how he is coming this year!

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