March 24, 2023

Noelle “Earned It” … Find Out Why

Long Island, NY is bringing new heat to music. L.I. Songstress, Noelle is the latest artist singing her way out the city. At an early age she grew a passion for singing and began getting her feet wet. She got her start in singing when she joined Select Choir and chorus maintaining a few solos. Noelle then went on to perfect her craft by backing up her practice and experience with the education to back it. During her college years the NY singer went on to major in Professional Communication with a minor in music.  

With the launch of her own crystal store, she became a paralegal and an entrepreneur. In addition to the popularity she found, she then honed her passion for music. Shortly after, Noelle began working with a producer which led her to being introduced to artist Astro. After meeting the two decided to collaborate and Noelle was asked to perform a hook. 

Noelle’s Musical Journey

Originally, Noelle saw herself writing and singing reference tracks for other artists. That quickly changed as for aspiring artists, she started singing hooks and background vocals. Her passion for music grew and bled into her artistry creating a beautiful journey and legacy. 

She loved recording music but was faced with a decision after hearing her voice on several different platforms. Noelle felt it was more authentic to sing her music herself. As her experience developed and passion grew she continued educating herself about music. She then learned how to engineer her own music where she then was inspired and recorded her first EP, Earned It.

Take a listen HERE!

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