Noisemaker Alert: “HigherPowerTrip” – Lester London

Hailing from the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is none other than Lester London. Fresh off the celebration of his single “lilGOAT” doing numbers, garnering over 30,000 streams and counting. As a gift to himself and the community, London announces the branding opening of his brand new recording studio, Bridgeport Studios. Expanding opportunities and using what he knew, London went and bought his own recording studio for himself and other fellow emerging and established artists to have a lab to cook up dope records when they come to the city. 

With a hot new follow up record, Lester drops his most recent release titled, “HigherPowerTrip”. This brand new banger’s approach to the principle of manifestation is confident and optimistic! Whether materialistic or an accomplishment, London boasts about being able to reach new heights and acquire everything he’s ever wanted by staying determined and ten toes down for the things he desires. 

Lester London The One Man Band

Coming to you as a one man band, the multitalented artist self produced his latest single. Lyrically impacted, Lester’s cadence rides the bass line and sounds of the 808 drum providing a message to his fans. Keeping Hip-Hop alive, the production is accompanied by underlying vinyl scratches and looped haunting synths. His lyrical execution laid over the catchy beat makes for a joint you don’t want to miss out on! The record will expand your mind and have you seeking that higher power trip! 

Delivered over the hypnotizing synths, the message will begin to put you into a hypnosis and leave you bumping the track on repeat. Not only is the single addicting, the paired visual is just as mesmerizing and hypnotizing. The dark hues and locations are aesthetically pleasing and match the vibe of the record. Don’t believe me? Take a look below. 

Continuously counting blessings, Lester utilized this record to talk about his lifestyle and how he got there. Determined to get what he wants he keeps the higher power on his side and in return he gets everything he desires and more.  

On A HigherPowerTrip

Not letting up, it’s clear Lester has his foot on the industry’s neck with his single “HigherPowerTrip.” I mean, the title alone speaks for itself! As expected, Lester will be following up his hot new single with more hit music in the near future. Not only as an artist but as a mentor, London is set to produce a slew of projects in the upcoming year for a number of artists, all while maintaining the momentum and delivering his own work as well. 

See what all of the noise is about and give his hot new catchy single, “HigherPowerTrip” a spin on AllDatNoise! This record will expand your mind and take you to the next level. 

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