March 22, 2023

US coaches denounce abuses at NBA academies in China

The Asian country and the NBA don’t get along.

The NBA’s relationship with China continues to become increasingly complicated.

Now, an investigation by the American television channel ESPN has uncovered a series of abuses and mistreatment of young players from the Asian country in the academies that the league has there. Employees themselves have expressed concern and the matter may get even worse.

American coaches at three of the academies confirmed to NBA workers that their Chinese teammates were physically abusing young players and not providing them with the best education.

Contrast this with the words of Commissioner Adam Silver, when he stated: “The students in the preparation centers receive good training and are well cared for.”

NBA Deputy Commissioner and COO Mark Tatum confirmed that the commissioner is “re-evaluating the situation and considering other goals” for the league’s development program in China, where young people want to be “the new Yao Ming.”

China Central TV said a few days ago that it will not broadcast NBA games in the Orlando bubble and that led the United States to want to break the commercial ties that they maintain with the Asian country.

ESPN’s investigation uncovered the lucrative relationship between the NBA and China and the cost of negotiating with a government that suppresses freedom of expression and is accused of cultural genocide.

Besides, the challenges of working in a society with different perspectives on subjects such as discipline, education and security are also exposed.

The report was based on interviews with former NBA employees who once worked or knew first-hand about the activities you carried out in the Asian country. A delicate subject that now comes to light in the midst of a conflict with China.

What do you think of this situation? Should the NBA break its agreements with China? Share your opinion in the comment box and let us know what you think!

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