March 24, 2023

Ice-T Has Lost 8 People to Coronavirus

Rapper Ice-T is urging the public to take COVID-19 seriously. He has already mourned the loss of eight loved ones due to the virus. His father-in-law, Steve Austin, also spent a month in the hospital and now struggles to speak.

“I hate to say it but Coco’s dad is a Harley-Davidson-riding, no-mask-wearing type of dude. And it put him on his back. By the time he went to the hospital he had pneumonia in two lungs,” says Ice-T. “They held him for about three days in the ICU. Then they call you and make those next-of-kin calls, and that’s when it’s scary. We might have to put him on a ventilator. And it took him a month to make it out of the hospital, God bless him.”

“It’s easy to say, ‘Oh, I can’t catch it,’ but once you know people … I know about eight people who’ve passed away. So, I don’t need more proof than that that I don’t wanna play with it,” says the 62-year-old rapper. “To know that the most healthy person in this family is about to go on a ventilator, they’re talking about that, which is really hard because I’m pretty much the next of kin.”

Do you know anyone who has had a serious run-in with COVID-19? If so, how old were they? Did they have any preexisting conditions?

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