Dallas Mavericks involved in sexual abuse case

Again, this NBA team is involved in controversy.

Sports Illustrated magazine conducted an investigation into the Dallas Mavericks that has ended with the disclosure of a sexual abuse case.

The conclusion has revealed that manager Tony Ronzone, in charge of the players’ personnel, has been accused of sexual assault. All this happened, as SI says, in the summer of 2019 during the summer leagues in Las Vegas.

Ronzone maintains his position today and, in addition, the Texas franchise itself has assured that it initiated an investigation of the matter, reaching conclusions different from those drawn by the magazine.

A woman named Sarah wrote an email to franchise owner Mark Cuban, denouncing “inappropriate behavior” by one of his employees, the executive in question.

The team’s CEO, Cynthia Marshall, has been in charge of announcing that they have carried out a study of the case and that the manager is still in office due to lack of evidence to the contrary. It is not the first time that the franchise where Luka Doncic plays has had to go through an accusation like this.

Two years ago they were already involved in a sexist scandal after the irruption of the #MeToo movement in different spheres of society. That’s when several people claimed that the corporate culture within the franchise tolerated “misogynistic and predatory behavior.”

Do you think these allegations are true? Should Mark Cuban fire Ronzone? Share your opinion in the comment box and let us know what you think!

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