April 1, 2023

NFL Players Opting Out of 2020 Season – List Below: Coronavirus Concerns

Many NFL players are choosing to opt out of the 2020 sports season (which is set to begin on September 10) due to COVID-19 concerns. According to ESPN, “players considered high risk for COVID-19 can earn $350,000 and an accrued NFL season if they choose to opt out of the season. Players without risk can earn $150,000 for opting out.”

Read on for a list of some who have opted out thus far [data courtesy of ESPN]:

Pictured: Michael Pierce – Via AP Photo/Nick Wass

Michael Pierce – Minnesota Vikings: Michael Pierce has opted out due to respiratory concerns. He falls into the high-risk category.

Stephen Guidry – Dallas Cowboys: Guidry will keep his $10,000 signing bonus.

Jason Vander Laan – New Orleans Saints: This 27-year-old has opted out for the 2020 season.

Cole Wick – New Orleans Saints: Wick has opted out because of an underlying asthma condition.

Marquise Goodwin – Photo via Thearon W. Henderson (Getty Images)

Marquise Goodwin – Philadelphia Eagles: Goodwin and his wife have a new baby at home. His family’s health is a priority for him.

Devin Funchess – Green Bay Packers: Funchess has already cared for two family members who contracted COVID-19.

Kyle Peko – Denver Broncos: Like Goodwin, family health is at the top of Peko’s mind. His wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2019. Though she is now cancer-free, her immune system may still be compromised.

Marcus Cannon – New England Patriots: Cannon is also a cancer survivor and is set to receive the high-risk payout.

Which player [who has opted out of the 2020 season] do you feel will cause the largest point deficit for their team?

Cover Photo courtesy of New Orleans Saints – WTOK

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