Brave: Pelicans and Jazz Plan to Kneel During National Anthem in Opening Game

This will not like Donald Trump at all.

The Pelicans and Jazz are evaluating the possibility of kneeling together during the American anthem before the game that will face them in the early hours of Friday and that will mean the resumption of the competition.

Instead of making two separate protests against social injustices, it is intended to show a sense of unity between the players, the teams and the entire NBA.

The League has always upheld the rule that “Players and coaches must stand, line up, and maintain a dignified posture along the sideline or personnel line during the performance of the national anthem.”

However, in this case the League is the first to become aware of the slogan ‘Black live matters’ and social protests, so it is to be expected that there will be no sanctions.

Some players insisted that they did not want to resume the competition so as not to distract attention from the fight for social justice. Since their arrival in the Disney World bubble, they have used media attention to call for justice for victims of police brutality and racism and to encourage fans to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

During the matches they will also take advantage of the attention of the media and fans.

Do you think it is the right decision? Do athletes of any discipline have to respect the flag and the national anthem? Share your opinion in the comment box and let us know what you think!

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