90% of Venues Face Permanent Closure: #SaveOurStages [Petition at Bottom of Post]

According to a recent NIVA [National Independent Venue Association] survey, if shutdowns last more than six months without federal aid, 90% of them will “never be open again” (Audrey Fix Schaefer – NIVA spokesperson). This is a time of crisis – a tipping point – for live music as we know it.

via nivassoc.org

Join NIVA in pushing Congress to pass the crucial Restart Act (click HERE to sign the petition). If this legislation does not pass before recess in August, the above statistics could become a sad reality.

In contrast to the Paycheck Protection Program, with the Restart Act, there is more flexibility in how loaned money may be spent. “There are also generous options for loan forgiveness, which would be based on lost income. Sen. Todd Young, a Republican from Indiana who co-sponsored the bill, says that helps direct support to businesses that really need it” (npr.org).

Young also says that, “unlike the Paycheck Protection Program, you won’t be seeing businesses that, frankly, have done alright in the midst of this otherwise horrible economic atmosphere created by the pandemic taking advantage of the program.”

YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon, have all sent letters to Congress, urging them to #SaveOurStages.

What is your favorite local venue that you hope survives this shutdown?

Fill out this form to help #SaveOurStages. Share it with your friends!

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