August 8, 2022

Wiley’s Latest Tweets: Rapper Under Investigation for Antisemitic Statements

Another celebrity is under the public microscope for antisemitic Tweets posted last week. Rapper, songwriter, DJ, and record producer Wiley made a post stating that Jewish people should “hold some corn.” According to the CAA, this is a slang expression, meaning that the rapper believes that Jews should be shot. Wiley added, “Jewish community you deserve it.”

The CAA (Campaign Against Antisemitism) is calling for removal of Wiley’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Wiley’s manager, John Woolf, confirmed that A-List Management “cut all ties” with him following his recent posts.

Many of the Wiley’s tweets have been removed from Twitter for violating community guidelines.

A Twitter “walkout” was also planned for this morning [7/27/2020] due to what some feel is a slow response on the company’s part.

Do you believe that Twitter should censor tweets that incite violence against a specific group of people [or against any individual]? Why or why not?

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