March 24, 2023

Michelle Obama meets with NBA and WNBA players to encourage them to vote

It is less than 100 days before the elections for the presidency of the United States and the unofficial campaigns have already begun.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has asked NBA and WNBA players to come to vote and promote the vote of the black population. So said Chris Paul, Thunder base and player association president.

“We are going to talk about the importance of voting and make sure your voice is heard. I think it is very important that we do this together. Not just the NBA players or the WNBA players, but all together. We can share stories and to know how others feel “, said Paul, who appreciates the work of women: “I have a wife and I have a mother, but the most important thing is that I have a daughter. I have to protect her.”

The Thunder base also referred to the work being done jointly by the NBA and the players union to create a foundation that will have $ 300 million to support economic empowerment in the black community.

Players are also expected to be able to determine where that money will go, yet another player push to help make social change across the country as they play in the Walt Disney World bubble.

“We said we wanted to see more black people in the offices, more black people in positions of power, not just coaches. We are talking about heads of organizations. We want to see that and talk to the NBA about it. There are some things that we wanted to happen.”

“T-shirts are part of that, but we know we need the money and the funding to really make the change. I will keep saying this until I am no longer the union president. I am proud of our boys and our League for living up to the challenge.” He concluded.

Do you agree with Michelle Obama? Will Kanye West get some votes? What is the worst that could happen in this election? Let us know your opinion in the comment box!

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