March 27, 2023

Kyrie Irving will financially assist WNBA players who did not go to play for personal reasons

Kyrie once again proves to be one of the best on and off the court.

Kyrie Irving, one of the most active NBA voices in protests of police brutality to the African community, has returned to action. This time, the Brooklyn Nets star, who is not in Orlando due to a shoulder injury, makes a great gesture to provide economic and social solutions.

Kyrie announced that he will create a fund of 1.5 million dollars that will go to all WNBA players who will not play in this restart of the competition for personal, health or safety reasons.

It must be remembered that women’s basketball wages are much lower than men’s. The WNBA is no exception and that is another reason why Irving has raised his voice more than once, calling for more equality between men and women, while seeing it unnecessary to resume the NBA season given the deaths both George Floyd’s first as Breonna Taylor’s later.

In addition to the fund stemming from an empowerment initiative led by himself, he will provide a financial education program for the most vulnerable female players, this one created by UBS.

An example of this is the salaries of the WNBA players, who receive an average of $ 200,000 per year. It is far from the millions and millions signed by the NBA stars and that is where that equality is claimed.

In order to receive this aid, the players must provide information about the reasons for their decision not to play and not receive salary support from any other entity. Any voluntary absence for health reasons must be linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

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