Nick Cannon Feels He Made “Everybody” Mad In Anti-Semitic Controversy

If you’ve been following Nick Cannon, you know about the recent controversy involving anti-semitic remarks made during his podcast, “Cannon’s Class” [click here to read all about it]. Now, Cannon feels that “everybody” is upset with him, stating: “Everybody is throwing hate at me right now. … I made the Jewish community mad. I made my community mad by apologizing. We should be allies because of our common oppression.”

Caught between a rock and a hard place, this celebrity does not know which move to make next. Do you think that it is best for him to lie low for a while, or to continue to make public statements involving the situation? Comment below.

He told Rabbi Cooper: “I’m asking to be corrected from your community. Give me books. Teach me. I’m an empty vessel – an empty broken vessel. Teach me. Fix me. Lead me, that’s why I can say I love you for this opportunity because I know you’re catching it as well.”

According to CNN and Global News, Cannon is to remain a host on “The Masked Singer,” despite being fired from ViacomCBS.

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