He’s back: Mike Tyson comes out of retirement to face Roy Jones

Boxing’s most powerful forehand is back to give one more KO!

Mike Tyson’s return to boxing is now official. The legend will face Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match on September 12 in an eight round duel.

There has been speculation in recent months with Tyson’s return once the former world champion had regained his physical shape in a radical change in lifestyle.

He said that the vegan diet helped him improve his health, but he also admitted that he has undergone stem cell treatment, as well as athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal.

At 54, the legendary boxer who has not fought since he left the unknown Kevin McBride in 2005 returns. “I’ve come back”, he has written on social networks.

Jones (51 years old) has a 66-9 record throughout his career winning light and heavyweight titles. His last match was a victory against Scott Sigmon in 2018.

Do you think Jones is a good opponent for Tyson’s return? Is it dangerous for Mike to get back into a boxing ring again? Share your opinion in the comment box and tell us what you think!

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