Lil Baby: “Black people can also be racists”

According to Lil Baby, black people who are racist towards white people are hypocrites of the highest level.

Lil Baby is fast becoming one of Atlanta’s icons. Not only for his enormous musical talent, but also for his ideology about social justice and how he should fight for the social rights of all races, regardless of their skin color.

In a recent interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Lil Baby spoke about racism, police brutality and what the BLM movement means to him.

Interestingly, Baby is very clear about his stance about racism: Black people can also be racist. “For me, a racist is someone who treats a different race from theirs in a different way than they would treat theirs. I feel like if you are a black person and treat all blacks in one way and all whites in one way, you are racist.”

“I’m not a racist, so I give a white person a chance to speak, and we actually get into that before I can say I don’t like you or not. And I feel the same way about a black person. You are not going to be my friend just because you are black. It’s just something you have to earn.”

Police brutality has also been something that has affected the Atlanta-native rapper.

“I have been a victim of police brutality. I’ve been in prison where white officers control you. I’ve been in a court system where white judges give you a different time than they would give someone white. There were times when I had a physical altercation with an officer, and then he grabbed me and took me to a room where there is no camera.”

“We have a physical altercation and he left me in a room for about an hour. I’m there screaming and screaming. I’m so used to it that we don’t even consider it a big problem.”

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