March 27, 2023

Future loses dismissal order against Eliza Reign in paternity case

Future is trying to break the world record for more women pregnant by one man.

Future is an excellent artist, there is no doubt about that. However, it is also quite true that the rapper has a serious problem with his Baby Mama. Recently with Eliza Reign.

For the past two years Future has been battling Eliza Reign in court over the fatherhood of his seventh child. According to Bossip, Future’s motion for a paternity case to be dismissed out of court was denied. He allegedly claimed that Eliza committed “fraud in court” by lying about her earnings in legal documents.

He says she has taken additional jobs, has more bank accounts than she stated, and owns a new SUV, which was not mentioned.

Eliza reportedly defended herself, claiming she was right to file homelessness since her bank accounts, the same ones she was referring to, only have small amounts, such as $ 4 and $ 9.

She also says that the car she owns is a lease, claiming that her income is not constant, but she admits that she does earn some money with her social media posts.

That was enough for the judge to side with Eliza on the matter.

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