March 27, 2023

West vs Kardashians: Get out Kanye!

Kanye West’s life seems straight out of a horror movie.

Ye’ has returned to the center of the controversy, although this time it is not about his unexpected political career. The Hip Hop star seems to be going through a terrible psychological crisis, something that his wife, Kim Kardashian, has defined as a Kanye’s bipolar episode.

It all started on July 18, when West delivered his controversial speech in which he not only confessed to having thoughts about asking Kim Kardashian to abort her daughter, North West, but also defended his position on carrying weapons, as it was necessary to protect the territorial integrity of the United States.

Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, immediately took action to confine Kanye to a mental health center. However, Ye ‘would not surrender without a fight. He used his Twitter account to inform his fans of what Kim planned to do with him, as well as to confirm that his album “DONDA” would be released on Friday, July 24.

Kanye West’s tweets also revealed that if Kim were to divorce, he would fight for custody of his children, as “West children will never do Playboy shit” a dart at his wife and her nudes for the famous men’s magazine.

According to Kanye, everything is part of a conspiracy directed by Kris Jenner and with the complicity of Kim, Beyoncé, Drake and Jay-Z. This plan would seek to remove Kanye from the music industry to end his reborn musical career.

But this is not all. Ye ‘claimed that they are trying to brainwash him to make him think he is crazy. Just like in the movie “Get Out” something that Kanye claimed happens among white elites in the USA. Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Shia LeBouf, Ellen DeGeneres, Drake, and many others would be involved with this group.

Kanye has said that his life may be in danger and that they are trying to silence him. The last thing that was known about the Hip Hop star was that he was in Wyoming with his four children, trying to stay as far away from his wife as possible.

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