Trump to the NBA: If someone kneels during the national anthem, the game is over.

Donald Trump is again the center of controversy. Sometimes for some statements, others for some gesture and, occasionally, for some action. Since the movement “Black Lives Matter” was created after the death at the hands of an African American policeman George Floyd, the American president has been in continuous controversy on Twitter.

NFL player Colin Kaepernick was the first to lash out at the anthem by kneeling down in protest at police brutality. His gesture was joined by an infinity of athletes from different disciplines, regardless of skin color. In that movement there has been everything, but the vast majority have joined forces by trying to change things in the near future. For all this, Trump is upset.

Before his publications on the social network Twitter, a platform that uses a lot as a speaker to the world, the discussions with different personalities are constant. He already had them with Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, but also with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and many more familiar faces. And the last one was a tweet last night in which he showed, once again, his disagreement.

The world is eager to return to sports once there is an effective coronavirus vaccine. It is speculated that until approximately March 2021 this will not be a fact. Trump knows this and is eager for their return. However, in his tweet last night, he again emphasized that protest movement with his knee as something dishonorable. “Every time I see a player kneeling during the National Anthem, I notice a great lack of respect for our country and our flag,” he said.

The NBA is one of the sports that has been launched the most in the streets to change the future of the country and ask for the modification of the laws. The vast majority of players are African-American, and Floyd’s murder sparked a huge backlash. Trump says that if this continues to happen (knee to the ground), he will not want games. It will be difficult because the movement already covers large dimensions.

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