March 24, 2023

James Harden enters the bubble wearing a controversial face mask!

The mask inspired by “The Punisher” has not been liked by his colleagues and fans.

James Harden has become the center of controversy in the NBA. After asking to join the NBA bubble a few days late for family reasons, James Harden entered the Disney World complex. However, his entry did nothing but set fire to social networks due to his controversial face mask.

The Rockets player’s face mask had a skull and a black and white American flag with a blue line through it. The skull is based on The Punisher, an extremely violent comic book character that the police have adopted as an unofficial icon. And the blue line, ‘Thin Blue Line’, is often used in support of the police.

The mask is available on the Internet and is called ‘The Blue Patriot’

In an environment like that of the bubble in which many players will protest against police violence and the treatment of African American citizens through slogans such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ and statements, the Harden mask has sparked controversy. What is ignored is if the player knows the meaning of it or if he only likes the character.

The player was able to train for the first time and his coach Mike D’Antoni saw him well. “It was probably rusty for about 30 seconds,” he joked. After the arrival of the base, which averaged 34.4 points before the break, the Rockets are waiting for Russel Westbrook, who tested positive for coronavirus and will join soon.

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