December 4, 2022

Jordan Brand x Dior: Style meets luxury 🔥

Would you pay $ 2,200 for a pair of these shoes?

Jordan Brand, the sneakers and sportswear brand of the legendary Michael Jordan, teamed up with Dior to create a new version of the legendary shoes that the former Chicago Bulls player popularized to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Nike Air Jordan and the first launch of the collection.

The edition that was created was limited, of only 13,000 pairs of these luxury sneakers with a price of $ 2,000 for low-top and $ 2,200 for high-top. And despite its price within hours of going online in a raffle, there were already more than five million people signed up on the waiting list.

But only 8,000 of them will be able to wear them, since the remaining 5,000 are for VIP clients of the brand.

The Air Jordan 1 OG Dior sneakers (as they have been called), have a unique design. The colors chosen have been gray and white for the leather and blue for the translucent sole that shows the two associated logos (one on each foot). In addition, the famous swoosh that identifies Nike includes the perforated Dior logo, something completely new for the shoe brand.

Kim Jones, artistic director of the Dior Men collections, explained this alliance: “I chose to collaborate with Jordan because Christian Dior himself collaborated with the best American brands of his time. I love to mix different universes and ideas: both Jordan Brand and Dior are firms emblematic that enjoy absolute prestige in their respective fields. The union of both brands in this special collaboration allows creating an exciting and totally new project,” he said.

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