March 24, 2023

Lack of sex in the “bubble” can be a threat to NBA players

Three months without sex is not an easy thing to bear… right?

NBA players face one of the toughest challenges of their careers in the Disney World bubble. Some, who make it to the final ring fight, will have to be confined for three months at the Orlando resort.

No matter how good they are and how many facilities are offered to them, the change of life will be radical with respect to what they were used to. What awaits them will not be easy. The entrance of guests will only be allowed from the first round of the playoffs.

And that will be a problem. Others believe that the NBA bubble will burst due to the sexual needs of the players. “Do we really think the ‘recreational activities’ these guys are used to are going to be paralyzed for three months?” Asks Stephen A. Smith, an analyst at ESPN.

“Someone has to say it: Do you really believe that someone is going to be without their wives or without women? The guys who are married without their wives, the guys who are not married without a woman. They would not last three weeks, much less three months.” He said.

The truth is that there are NBA players known for their promiscuity or for their taste for streeptease bars. In Orlando they will have it difficult, although it is already known of players who have issued invitations to acquaintances to come to the bubble.

Mo Bamba exposed a possible date from Donovan Mitchell. There are even websites where you can bet on which celebrity will show up first at Disney World: the Jenner sisters and the Kardashians take the lead.

Aware of the difficulties of NBA players to have sex during confinement, some live sex pages offered their services for free to players via email, according to journalist Fred Katz of The Athletic.

Young, director of performance for Athletic Lab, who studied the relationship between sex and sports performance in 2016, believes that “lack of physical contact will be one of the biggest tests of stress. One or two weeks are probably not a great problem, but we are seeing that it can be more than six weeks. That will be one of the first places that the bubble will burst.”

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