October 5, 2022

Jason Derulo Makes “Far More” Than $75K Per TikTok Post

Jason Derulo is presently known as the “King of TikTok.” With 28.4 million followers on the platform, the name suits him.

via TikTok

After rumors circulated about the alleged lofty income that Derulo gains from his TikTok posts, he stated that it would be “tacky” to disclose his exact income. He did, however, confirm that he makes “far more than [$75,000 per post].”

Jason Derulo says that he likes TikTok because of the way in which the app allows him to connect with his fans. He likens this to the way in which DJ Khaled found fame through Snapchat.

TikTok is currently under strong fire from the U.S. Government. Talks of banning the Chinese app are under way. Artists with a large TikTok following are currently working to move their fan-bases over to other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Cover Photo via Instagram

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