August 8, 2022

Richaun Holmes punished for… Picking up a burger?

Richaun Holmes, a player for the Sacramento Kings, suffered the first consequences of having violated the isolation established by the NBA in the Orlando “bubble”.

Holmes is in quarantine once again after leaving the NBA bubble to pick up a food delivery he had ordered outside the compound where the 22 NBA teams are concentrated as they prepare to start the league competition after the break over four months, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The player of the Kings admitted last night, in a statement offered by the player himself, that he accidentally crossed the line of the NBA campus at the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, which cost him to initiate an additional 10-day quarantine in his hotel room.

“I apologize for my actions and hope to meet with my teammates for our playoff campaign,” said Holmes, who has eight days left in his new quarantine period.

After players entered the NBA bubble last week, anyone caught exiting for an unauthorized reason or breaking the initial quarantine period (which included being confined to a hotel room until passing multiple tests for coronavirus in a period of more than 24 hours) was subject to the re-entry protocols of the league.

Holmes, played 33 games with the Kings before the league closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and is averaging 12.8 points and 8.3 rebounds after playing 28.8 minutes per game in that goes in season.

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