Poll Reveals Kanye West’s Early Voting Numbers Not Good

This is not good news for Ye’, but perhaps he will be more successful with his album.

Consulting firm Redfield & Wilton Strategies conducted a survey last week asking 2,000 people who they would vote for in the November 2020 presidential election. When Kanye West’s name was listed as one of the candidates, it only got two percent of the votes.

Kanye announced his intention to run for president on July 4, but has not completed any of the documents necessary for this to happen.

During a conversation with Forbes, who described himself as “four hours of interview ramblings,” said he was introducing himself as part of “The Birthday Party,” he made his pro-life stance clear and withdrew his support for Trump, a person at the one he has publicly supported for years.

“It seems like a big mess to me,” he said. “I don’t like that I realized that he hid in the bunker… I’m taking off my red hat with this interview.”

Kanye’s desire to be president of the United States has raised divided opinions among the community, while the vast majority believe that this is just a publicity stunt to increase interest in his new album, a small group of people (among whom there are several of his colleagues from Hip Hop), they think that Ye’ would be an excellent president.

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