March 24, 2023

Artists: DOJ to Host Public Music Industry Workshop

Artists: if you are involved in the music industry, licensing, and/or public performance, then read on. The Department of Justice is set to hold a virtual workshop on “competition in licensing music public performance rights” on July 28-29 of this year. Industry stakeholders will weigh in on BMI and ASCAP policies, and panels will include executives PROs, songwriters, music publishers, music licensees, legal and economic experts.

This workshop will touch on the way in which the music industry, as well as music distribution, has evolved throughout the century. Talks of altering current performing rights organizational policies are in the works. This is partially due to the fact that current consent decrees have been in place since 1941.

The National Music Publishers Association desires that the decrees “be modified to allow copyright owners to selectively withdraw digital rights from ASCAP and BMI” []

If you are involved in BMI or ASCAP, keep an eye out [as this may affect you]. This workshop is set to take place from 12:30 PM ET to 4 PM ET each day. Click here for more information. The DOJ is also accepting comments relating to the music decrees through July 22 [].

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