October 23, 2021

Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” Noose Necklace: A Bad Idea

Word is out: Back in 2006, Disney allegedly released a Pirates of the Caribbean necklace with a noose pendant on the end of it. The necklace appeared on the collectable sight WorthPoint. WorthPoint does not actually sell any items, but tells visitors what various antiques may be worth on other sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Pictured in the featured image above is the actual necklace listing that has since been removed by WorthPoint. A WorthPoint representative stated that it “probably never should’ve been up, but might’ve slipped through their algorithm cracks” [tmz.com].

Logo via Disney

The jewelry line, known as Disney Couture, released other Pirates-themed jewelry, including sword rings and lock and key pendants. Some were sold at high-end retailers such as Nordstrom and Kitson. The necklace pictured above may have been related to several scenes in the movies themselves, but regardless, it’s a terrible idea.

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