Real-Time Lyrics Feature Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

Apple Music has just announced that it will bring a real-time lyrics feature to Samsung Smart TVs. Studies show that on-TV music streaming has been on the rise since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Being able to follow along with lyrics on the screen will be a fun new feature for fans and artists alike. Apple Music has given direct access to real-time lyrics [for Mac users] since February of this year.

“Real-time lyrics on Apple Music are seamless and intuitive on Samsung Smart TVs. Users can scroll through a song by scrolling through the lyrics, jumping to a specific verse, or jumping straight to the chorus. As soon as a user starts playing a song with time-synchronized lyrics, each verse is automatically displayed on the screen along with the music so that users can follow it as they listen.”

Samsung Smart TV owners can currently try Apple Music, for free, for 3 months [this is similar to the promotion that Spotify now offers].

Apple Music is currently ahead of Spotify in terms of lyric implementation and has an official partnership with Genuis lyrics.

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