October 5, 2022

NBA players distrust the safety of the Orlando bubble

NBA players are already reaching the Disney World bubble, where the competition is scheduled to resume from July 30. However, some of them do it with suspicion. “I hate the idea,” says Joel Embiid, who says he wants “to stay healthy and the same for all the people around me. I want to make sure I can live for a long time and not have any consequences in the future.”

The Sixers center, however, appeals to professionalism. “I am not a big fan of the idea, but I am going to do my job. I am not going to disappoint the city. I am going to represent my city, my family and my colleagues, which is what I have always done. I still do not believe on it and I don’t think it’s safe,” said Embiid.

Damian Lillard is another of the NBA stars who does not have full confidence in his fellow professionals.

“Are you telling me that you are going to have 22 teams full of players following all the rules? When we have one hundred percent freedom, not everyone follows all the rules, so I don’t have much confidence. Hopefully, it can take some way that we are not all putting ourselves at risk or in a dangerous position,” says the Blazers base, who is clear about what he will do in the bubble when he does not play:

“I am going to relax. I am going to have my PS3, my PS4, my recording equipment, my microphone, my laptop and all my books.”

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